Total Tactical Defense (TTD was founded in 2002 by Phrantceena T. Thate, a 25-year veteran entrepreneur in human resources. TTD is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. TTD is the only security services company focused exclusively on high threat/close proximity safety and security services for the protection of critical infrastructure assets such as nuclear power generating facilities, new power generation facility construction sites and certain government facilities. TTD and its sister entities, Nuclear Protection Academy provide a comprehensive array of safety and security services for the energy industry, including force protection, recruitment, selection, training and operations. As security professionals we understand the importance of each aspect of the security equation is equally critical, each demanding highly nuanced understanding, meticulous planning and flawless execution by smart people. We first apply these standards to TTD itself, having understood from the beginning that the only way TTD succeeds is by hiring, nurturing and retaining security professionals. In an industry plagued with high turnover rates, we have almost none. We think that’s because our approach to security begins with the quality of our people (our critical assets), many of whom are from the ranks of the United States military, law enforcement and government security services. At TTD we don’t just create jobs, we create a venue of rewarding careers for very smart people. TTD today is a thriving security services company with a rapidly-expanding energy industry clientele that includes major utilities, facilities and construction sites throughout the country. Our scope of services is constantly evolving to meet the always evolving security threats faced by our clients. Total Tactical Defense is also the nation’s first woman- and minority-owned business enterprise focused exclusively on the energy industry and its critical infrastructure assets.


Total Tactical Defense team meets and exceeds our very demanding standards. We screen potential employees using our proprietary behavioral-based recruitment process. Due to constantly evolving technology and techniques relating to security protection, we provide up-to-the-minute professional training and a work culture that rewards diligence and dedication. We understand that within nuclear and other critical security areas, our people are the elite and they are treated as such. Employee turnover is an important indicator of the stability and reliability of any business organization. However, it is especially true in a high threat security organization. As the following chart denotes, our 2% employee turnover rate is a fraction of the security industry’s average turnover of 30%

Industry Turnover Rate TTD-2 This is a direct result of our highly aggressive but selective recruitment, extensive employee training and enlightened employer-employee relationships.